We not only provide Toronto and GTA with the best Glass Railings but also with the best live edge furniture, too! Whether you are looking for a Live edge river table, Dining Table, Coffee table, Wood slab table or a Glass table, we are here to help.

We carry a large variety of handmade wood products as well as are able to custom make something for you according to your ideas and taste. We do not rush when making our products, this is why all of our live edge table are carefully handmade one at the time so that we can ensure quality and pay attention to every detail.

Every table starts with trees that we buy from local farmers, arborists, homeowners or construction sites. These trees are cut into slabs and then let air drying for months. Once we get the moisture content down to what we want, it is time to kiln dry the slabs. We leave our slabs in our kiln until the moisture content is 6%-8%. The entire drying process is done at our owned and operated family business in Toronto.

Our pieces of art are then sold in Toronto ON, Etobicoke ON, Mississauga ON, Vaughan ON, Richmond Hill ON as well as other provinces and internationally.

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