​​The Best Interior Glass Railings ideas for your new project are here! 

Choosing for safety? Don't compromise on beauty, have both.

It's time to finish your project off and we have just what you need, here at GTA we have something for everyone and if we don't, we will work with you to make sure we do.

Our railings are expertly made to a high standard ensuring an elegant but modern solution for your property. We cater for a range of different needs, whether it is indoor staircases, decking, balconies or indoor and outdoor areas. Perhaps you have a child and need to keep them safe while they play, need to stop access to part of your property or need to make changes to your staircase?

Whatever your indoor railing needs, we can find something to suit you in a range of materials such as iron railings with ornamental work, stainless steel and glass railing systems. Flick through our gallery now and see the type of work we have available but remember it doesn't stop there.

Why choose glass railing systems?

​As they allow light to flow through them, imagine how much they will open your property up while providing a sleek modern style, your friends will have glass envy every time they see them. Now you are asking are they safe, absolutely. 

​Our indoor glass railings are made of thick tempered glass and are made to building code, so you can have peace of mind and know you are in safe hands.

Combine the beautiful craftsman ship of our iron railings allowing for a traditional touch with a modern twist. These will look stunning in any setting, imagine making them a focal point in your property or using them to enhance your properties style. Why settle for a boring when you can so much more and have something that reflects you.

If you are looking for an executive feel and need a style that reflects your edge, our Stainless steel and glass combinations are exquisite. We use only the best materials and because the stainless steel we use is grade A you won't be disappointed with the end product.

Contact us now for a chat about your unique project, obtain a free quote and find out how we can help. We will make your request to your specifications and include you in the process throughout. From start to finish we have you in mind and will guide you every step of the way.

 Stay Safe, in style.



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