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The possibilities are endless at GTA Glass Railings. You name it and We build it! Glass Railings Toronto fabrication

Because of glass railings are made of tempered glass you can bet they are safe to have in your home. We always use this type of glass to bring to our costumers a perfect combination between safety and beauty for balconies, decks, porch, pools, staircases and more. We create glass railings with stainless steel, painted steel, aluminum. Our exclusive top wood insert will make your glass railings even more beautiful. Imagine the value and beauty that you could add to your home. Just think of the creative ways you can use these beautiful systems. At GTA Glass Railings you will find experienced craftsmen with over 15 years of field experience. There is no limitation to how creative you can get with us!

For years now glass railing seems to have overtaken traditional iron and wood railings. By using glass railing throughout your office or home you not only add distinction and elegance but also gain that opening up visual effect. However, just like other kinds of railing, there are consideration to bear in mind with glass railing. Some of the points to consider include: Safety, OBA ( Ontario Building Code ), company reputation, view obstruction.

Safety is always the number one consideration. Prior to starting any railing project, contact your local building department and familiarize yourself with all the applicable code requirements.  The codes vary from state to state.
Railing is a significant choice you will ever make when planning your deck as it will be noticed from far and near and for better or worse. The color, style and size have a dramatic impact on how the railing will feel and look. Hence opt for glass color, and style that will complement your other home details.

A experienced company can tackle any system without facing any difficulty or shying away. They can easily assemble rail components from top to bottom from balusters to connectors. On the other hand however, those new to this kind of projects might succeed only in installing prefabricated components or systems that have been predetermined which might not be safe, hence opt going for an experienced expert when installing.

Glass railing not only controls what neighbours can see but also what you can see from your deck.  Colored and translucent glass offer more privacy to decks with tubs while transparent and clear glass panels invite views from all directions. Thus if you want privacy and still see the outside world go for translucent glasses unlike transparent ones.
For there to be a stable connection between posts and frames, a solid block is required. If the glass framing doesn’t have sufficient structure, extra blocking is necessary for stability.

You don't want to spend in much of your time maintaining your railing. Cleaning an iron railing with detailed texture and design can be labour intensive as well as time consuming as compared to cleaning a glass railing. 
Your railing layout can be simple and straightforward or more embellished and complex. Every system has its own back entry. If your railing project is going to have more corners and angles then different and more accessories are going to be needed than if it were going to be just straight.

Consider all these and you will have a perfect glass railing!


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How To Choose The Right Glass Railings For Your Home And Office